Click here to view the program agenda and greeting cards designed by our Years two and three pupils

Time is the most expensive commodity. To this, we tend to develop diaries, itineraries, plans, agendas and the likes. Our year two pupils designed agenda for a virtual program.

For a first ever design based on their ages, I think I'm stunned. Perhaps you should know, they were only shown the tools and allowed to apply their ingenuities. Below are some of the things they came up with. Examine and feel free to add your comments below.

While it is the agenda for year two pupils, it is a greeting card for our year three pupils; their first too as you might guess. The work is virtually theirs. They were almost unaided, maybe just facilitated as well.

                                                    by Fasan Pelumi, Year two, age, 6
                                              By Anuoluwapo Adewumi, Year three, age 7
                                              By Muhammed Abdulazeez, year three, age 8
                                                   By Oni Blessing, year 3, Age 7
                                                   By Omobolaji Ajani, Year 2, Age 7

Below are the pictures of some of the pupils involved in this exercise:

Adewumi Anuoluwapo, Year 3, Age 7

Oni Blessing, Year 3, Age 7

Ajani Omobolaji, Year 2, Age 7

Adelanwa Darasimi, Year 2, Age 7

Ibikunle Hamidat, Year 2, Age 6

Abdulazeez Muhammed, Year 3, Age 8

Pelumi Fasan, Year 2, Age 6

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