Years four and five pupils were introduced to programming. Click here to view

Our world is getting more and more computerized. Embedded systems are now everywhere; your cars are now automatic, your DVD players, your TV sets, home theatres, organizers, schedulers, microwave, electric iron, phones, wrist watches, some spectacles, cameras, vacuum cleaner, just name it. All of them can be optimized using computers.

I see a world where someday, we just sit back and watch computers do everything just like in the virtual reality world. Yeah! And since both hardware and software development is tending to be the key, we have no choice than to introduce our pupils to the basics of these sophisticated technologies. Who wants to be last after all?

Even though, despite all the agitations,  many people will not get to program simply because they think it is hard, however those that would, should be introduced to it on time before they start believing they can't. Hence, we acquired about three children programming environment of high quality for our pupils:

1.      Code (a JavaScript compliant environment);
2.      Alice (a Java compliant environment by Carnegie Mellon University); and
3.      Mblock ( the mblock environment integrates Arduino IDE and mblock, a variant of Scratch by Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Labs). To be used with the mBOT  robot kit.

According to code, these IDEs are first introduced to students in world class elementary schools and universities because they help teach the concepts of programming with ease.

Below are the pictures of our years four and five having nice time solving puzzles during their moments with the Hour of Code.

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